Viscovery SOMine 6

Explorative data mining based on SOMs and statistics

Viscovery SOMine® is a desktop application for explorative data mining, visual cluster analysis, statistical profiling and classification based on self-organizing maps (SOMs) and classical statistics in an intuitive workflow environment.

Since its first release in 1996, Viscovery SOMine has become a standard for commercial data mining based on SOMs. This product is a convenient alternative for users who do not need the full capabilities of the enterprise solution Viscovery Profiler. In addition to a large number of enterprises, consultants and labs, hundreds of universities worldwide make use of SOMine for their analytical tasks.

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Available editions and packages

The following packages are available to bring you the most cost-effective match for your needs:

Basic Edition

  • Full functionality described here and in the data sheet
  • Ability to process up to 100,000 data records with up to 100 variables

Expert Edition

  • All features and functions of the Basic Edition
  • Context-sensitive display of the original data records corresponding to any user-defined selection or workflow step
  • Extended statistical and graphical analysis of the data records corresponding to selected areas or workflow steps

Enterprise Edition

  • All features and functions of the Expert Edition
  • Optimized performance for very high-dimensional data (more than 2000 variables)
  • Ability to handle an unlimited number of data records and variables

For pricing information please contact our sales team.

Viscovery SOMine for SPSS Users

For the convenience of SPSS users who want to extend their available functionality with SOMine, Viscovery also provides a special version of SOMine at a reduced price. While its analytical capabilities are identical with the corresponding SOMine editions, the SPSS version is designed to work closely with the SPSS environment and uses SPSS data files (*.sav).

Refer to the data sheet for a detailed list of features and functions. For pricing information please contact our sales team.

SPSS is a registered trademark of SPSS, Inc.

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SOMine 6 key benefits

Compact data representation, powerful visualization

  • Innovative solution for interactive analyses, clustering and classification based on visual data representation with SOMs
  • Complexity reduction through self-organizing data representation that allows compact visualization of large amounts of data with numerous variables on a single screen
  • Quick and concise model creation even for voluminous data sets
  • Accessibility of original data at any time for any map partition (only Expert and Enterprise editions)

Intuitive analytics, accurate classifications

  • Full pre- and post-processing, including transformations, treatment of missing and outlying data points, automatic splitting of nominal variables
  • Modeling tools for explorative data mining, cluster definition and profiling, as well as convenient statistical functions, such as Ward clustering, group profiles, and descriptive statistics
  • Integration of expert knowledge as cluster-specific formulas
  • New data records classified into clusters manually or in batch-mode
  • Extended statistical capabilities (correlation analysis, PCA, histograms, frequency tables, box plots, scatter plots) available for Expert and Enterprise editions

Easy handling, mature user guidance

  • Full workflow support and administration of relevant parameters that shield the user from technological details
  • Context-sensitive analytical tools available for any partition of the SOM visualization
  • Complete documentation and overview of the performed modeling process, including inline reporting functions
  • Standardized software, requiring no special customization, installation, hardware infrastructure or system maintenance

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SOMine 6 features and functions

Viscovery SOMine combines classical statistical methods and SOMs in a system for explorative data mining and predictive modeling. The robust, high-performance SOM technology is used for representing and visualizing data distributions that may contain thousands of variables (e.g., in text mining applications) and millions of data sets.

In contrast to traditional data mining systems, Viscovery provides an intuitive approach to data, so that even users who do not have advanced statistical knowledge can easily understand and use the analytical models. Viscovery thus embodies a unique visual approach to data which facilitates understanding and communication of analytical models.

All tasks, including importing the data, pre-processing and treatment of outliers, and defining clusters and measures, are guided by workflows. Completed models can be modified and applied again to new projects.

Viscovery SOMine provides easy-to-use tools for data exploration, identification of dependences, visual cluster analysis and classification, as well as a number of classical statistical functions, such as descriptive statistics, group profiles, correlation analysis, PCA, histograms, scatter plots, and others. The visual interface allows direct, context-sensitive access to the original data records underlying the maps and their complete statistics at any point in the analytical workflow (Expert and Enterprise editions).

SOMine is an affordable solution for explorative data mining, cluster analysis and classification. It is an alternative to the enterprise solution Viscovery Profiler which has the additional capabilities of providing database interfaces and the capabilities to automate model creation and application and to integrate models in real-time environments.

Viscovery SOMine is offered with competitive pricing and a range of licensing options to help consultants, analysts and small enterprises to easily integrate our products into their business and research projects.

For institutional researchers, SOMine provides a scalable data analysis workbench that offers the flexibility and extensibility needed to access, analyze, visualize and report discoveries to colleagues and the broader academic and research communities. For academic users, we offer heavily discounted pricing and licensing options for those starting their careers.

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