Viscovery One(2)One Engine

Leverage predictive models in real-time operation

One(2)One Engine

The Viscovery One(2)One Engine can be integrated into existing application software to seamlessly deliver results to other programs for further use. Depending on the available hardware and the complexity of the model, the Viscovery One(2)One Engine enables typical performances between 10,000 and 100,000 decisions per second.

In the operational mode, Viscovery can be invoked through APIs which provide the parameters of single records to the Viscovery One(2)One Engine and return the predictive results to the operational system.


Viscovery key benefits in predictive model deployment

  • Lean, efficient architecture that facilitates speedy integration
  • Flexible model integration for various platforms
  • Real-time integration with performance of up to 100,000 decisions/second

Many Viscovery clients have been surprised about the ease and flexibility with which Viscovery models have been integrated into their business processes. In many cases, full integration has been completed within half a day.

Take advantage of the usability and performance of Viscovery solutions to enrich your business processes!