About Viscovery

As one of the first data mining companies in Europe, Viscovery Software GmbH is among the leading vendors of data mining solutions. Our strength is to provide high-end data mining solutions which excel in intuitive user-guidance, mature implementation, and a consistent focus on applications.

The mission of Viscovery is to support clients as they retrieve valuable information from their data. With the help of Viscovery products and services, clients can better explore, understand, and represent their data and, thus, easily and quickly make correct decisions for reducing costs and raising returns.

The MERCUR award for innovation, granted to Viscovery by the Economic Chamber of Vienna for Viscovery Profiler.

Revolutionizing Predictive Analytics

The Viscovery solution combines the concept of self-organizing maps (SOM) with classical statistical methods. The strengths of this approach are the accuracy of prediction and the visual presentation of the resulting models in a way that is intuitive to all users, regardless of their statistical expertise.

Based on a large number of projects performed in the past 20 years, Viscovery has gained comprehensive experience in the field of data mining. As developer and producer of the Viscovery software system, Viscovery can refer to a deep understanding in the use and application of analytical methods.

Numerous customers in the fields of telecom, banking, insurance, retail, mail-order, and industry trust Viscovery expertise and reliability for their predictive analytics activities. Hundreds of universities and laboratories world-wide are making use of Viscovery’s principal software Viscovery SOMine, which has become a standard in the scientific community.

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