Viscovery Integration

Easy model application, flexible software integration


Many applications require models to be integrated into an operational environment for applying the models record-by-record in real-time. Using the APIs of the Viscovery One(2)One Engine, predictions for thousands of data records per second can be computed from predictive models generated with Viscovery SOMine.

The lean, flexible architecture of Viscovery allows easy and flexible integration of Viscovery functionalities into third-party products. Particular components of the Viscovery GUI as well as modeling functionality can be integrated by means of the Viscovery Integration Framework.

Viscovery real-time integration

The Viscovery SOMine data mining suite and the Viscovery One(2)One Engine provide the basis for an efficient and competitive deployment of predictive models for real-time applications, such as for:

  • Web analytics
  • Call center applications
  • Real-time recommendation systems
  • Automated update of target groups in CRM systems and customer data marts
  • On-line monitoring of industrial processes