Selection of commercial Viscovery customers

Selection of scientific Viscovery customers

Erstebank “By the unique visualization the user obtains an excellent overview on the characteristics and distributions of, and interdependencies in the data. This is most helpful in explorative data analysis.”
derStandard “User behavior analysis implemented by Viscovery allowed us to significantly increase our advertising revenues.”
Internet User Behavior Modeling
Donauland “The visual exposition in Viscovery gives a spatial structure to the variables that closely matches human imagination. This simplifies the presentation of new models and the explanation of complicated dependencies considerably. The software supports the treatment of the data so cleverly that one can immediately concentrate on the contents and dependencies.”
Generali “... long-term visions, visualization options, and results which one also understands as non-statistician. Important contributions to the success of our analytics projects - provided by Viscovery”.
Obi “Viscovery helped us to get fast an even clearer picture of our customers. The analyses in Viscoverymade it possible to employ our advertising material even more efficiently.”
Advertisement Optimization
One “Viscovery's concept of data visualization has opened the door for a detailed customer inspection. It is now possible to receive information on a mere button press that enables us to approach our customers according to their needs. This is particularly crucial in the highly competitive mobile telecommunication market.”
Swisscom “The unique data visualization, the user-friendliness, and the outstanding presentation capabilities of the software play a decisive role in our analysis process.”
Ytong “YTONG was able to gain valuable insights with Viscovery and to adjust miscalculated parameters which frequently caused faulty production.”