Use case: Insurance

In the insurance business, unlocking the power of customer and adjustment data is important for predicting the duration and risk of customer relationships as well as for improving customer services, determining claim management, and developing new products.

Viscovery solutions offer modeling and predictive capabilities to support marketing, investigate fraud, and improve customer satisfaction. Comprehensive and reliable results help you stay competitive and keep costs down in an industry that cannot tolerate high levels of uncertainty.

Viscovery solutions are already used successfully in the insurance business for the following:

  • Customer acquisition and prospect analysis
  • Cross-selling prediction
  • Campaign scoring
  • Risk analysis
  • Claim and fraud analysis
  • Customer behavior modeling
  • Business performance analysis
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Churn prediction
  • Customer retention


Life InsuranceThis Viscovery application shows the segmentation of insurance customers with a cross-selling potential for life insurances.

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