Use case: Public research

In many fields of public and academic research, data mining and knowledge discovery have become indispensable instruments for uncovering structures hidden in large data sets. Hundreds of universities and public research institutes are already using visual predictive analytics made by Viscovery for a wide range of applications, including exploratory data mining, statistical analysis, profiling and segmentation, visual cluster analysis, and classification.

Viscovery solutions provide an intuitive visual analysis platform with superior prediction accuracy that is supported with a complete project environment, workflow guidance, and inline documentation. Institutional researchers as well as faculty members and students are offered competitive prices and a range of licensing options to help them easily integrate Viscovery products into research projects, curricula, or graduate and undergraduate projects.

Viscovery solutions are already used successfully in public research for the following:

  • Text mining
  • Bibliometric analysis and document classification
  • Environmental and sustainability analysis
  • System state monitoring
  • Demographic analysis
  • Voting analysis
  • Pattern matching and classification applications
  • Prediction of nonlinear dependences in empirical data
  • Image recognition/OCR
  • Text-to-speech applications
  • Security data analysis
  • …and many others


Text miningThis Viscovery application shows a corpus of published texts dealing with the harmful effects of smoking.Β  The bar chart provides a list of terms co-occurring in a selected subset of texts.

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View scientific articles in a variety of topics achieved with using Viscovery SOMine.