Use case: Telecommunications

How can a fast-moving, competitive, data-intensive industry stay light on its feet?

Telecommunications services need continuous evaluation and improvement to keep pace in this price-sensitive industry. Personalized customer approach, balanced pricing policies, data quality management, or any other analytic aspect can be effective only with intelligible snapshots of the critical conditions in real-time.

Viscovery solutions provide manageable and intuitive overviews of large data sets. The predictive modeling capabilities help understand customer preferences, predict system performance, and optimize network operations – allowing you to stay one step ahead.

Viscovery solutions are already used successfully in telecommunications for the following tasks:

  • Customer segmentation and scoring
  • Marketing campaign analysis
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Churn prediction and customer retention
  • Customer behavior modeling
  • Subscriber analysis
  • Customer profitability and lifetime value analysis
  • System performance prediction
  • Network operations analysis


Visual data representation This Viscovery application shows cluster profiles of typical mobile phone users.

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