Internal control effectiveness – a clustering approach

Länsiluoto, A., Jokipii, A., & Eklund, T. (2016). Managerial Auditing Journal, 31(1), 5-34.

The internal control frameworks of 741 Finnish medium- to big-sized firms are analyzed in this article. Viscovery SOMine is used to cluster the answers from CEOs to a questionnaire about internal control systems.

Members of the executive operating committee in international brand hotels in mainland China: profiles and aspirations

Tung, Y. F. (2013).

This PhD thesis analyzes the profiles and career paths of executive operating committee (EOC) members for international brand hotels in mainland China. For this purpose a questionnaire was designed and Viscovery SOMine is used to cluster the answers of 173 EOC members from 64 hotels.

Creating product maps with self-organizing maps for purchase decision making

Kohara, K., & Tsuda, T. (2010). Transactions on Machine Learning and Data Mining, 3(2), 51-66.

Viscovery SOMine is used to create maps for purchase-decision support of various product classes (PCs, digital cameras, automobiles, liquid-crystal TVs, electronic dictionaries). The different cluster models can be used to support purchase decisions and analyze technological advancements.

International patterns in manufacturing strategies

Alas, R., Eklund, T., Collan, M., & Kraus, A. (2009). In The China Information Technology Handbook (pp. 1-13). Springer, Boston, MA.

This paper explores and analyzes patterns in manufacturing strategy observed in survey data from 711 companies in 23 countries. Viscovery SOMine is used for clustering and visual exploration.