Looking for a handy data mining suite

for data exploration and predictive modeling?

Use the power of Viscovery

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The new approach to VISCOVER your data

Viscovery® SOMine® is a workflow-oriented software suite based on self-organizing maps (SOM) and multivariate statistics for explorative data mining and predictive modeling.

The system excels in intuitive user-guidance, mature implementation and a consistent focus on applications. Benefit from the unmatched compactness and elegance of Viscovery’s visual data representation.

General features of the system

  • Viscovery SOMine workflowsProject environment platform for goal-oriented operation
  • Dedicated workflows that provide focused navigation
  • Clear workflow steps with proven default settings
  • Workflow branching allowing generation of model variations
  • Functions for integrated documentation and annotation
  • Multiple handling tools to facilitate usage
  • Function for saving combinations of visible windows as “Arrangements”
  • Comprehensive user manual, online help function and informative pop-ups throughout the system

For a complete list of features and functions, view the Viscovery SOMine data sheet.

Modular software configuration

SOMine’s modular architecture supports both business users and data scientists according to their growing needs.

  • The minimum configuration of Viscovery SOMine consists of the Visual Explorer core module which includes the overall Viscovery SOMine platform functionality and the functionality of the Visual Explorer module.
  • For advanced exploration and modeling, the Cluster and Classify and Predict and Score extension modules are available.
  • The Enterprise Data extension module provides enhanced features for data import and handling, as well as for the analyses of very high-dimensional and voluminous data.
  • Each workflow can be automated using the corresponding Workflow Automation Service, which is available as part of an additional package.

All extension modules can be flexibly added to existing licenses in any combination.

Software licensing

The Viscovery SOMine suite can be flexibly licensed in different ways. Each modular software configuration is available as

  • Annual term licenses (which include minor updates for one year) or perpetual licenses
  • Single-user licenses or network licenses for multi-usage in local networks

You can purchase annual, single-user term licenses directly on this website. Term licenses begin at the day of delivery and end automatically after one year.

For the other license options, please contact our sales team at sales@viscovery.net.

Recommended workstation configuration

Viscovery SOMine can be operated on standard computers under Windows 10 or newer.

  • 3 GHz CPU and 8 GB RAM (minimum 1.5 GHz/2 GB)
  • 64 bit OS (32 bit available)
  • Full HD graphics or higher (minimum 1280x800)
  • Available disk space should be 10 times the size of the analyzed data

Additional offering

  • The Viscovery One(2)One Engine allows integration of Viscovery models in operational environments for real-time application.
  • Maintenance agreements are available for perpetual licenses.
  • For the implementation of innovative projects, Viscovery provides training and consulting services tailored to your needs.